Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Long lost idea

Last weekend, I was knocking around in the yard and went into the garage to find my clippers to cut some hydrangeas blooms (look for this blog posting later – as promised). I saw a True Value paper bag on a shelf and wondered what in the world could be in it.

When I opened it I thought, "Oh, yeah – I remember this idea!" The thought occurred one weekend last year – a little later in the summer than now – and it had come full circle. It was finally time for me to reap the benefits of this gardening time capsule.

In 2009, I had the mother of all green bean varieties. I don't remember its name though which isn't too surprising. I usually just buy the seeds, plant and water and throw away the empty packet. I don't label the row where it is planted or keep a detailed gardening journal like I wish I did.

Anyways, the seeds produced a ton of green beans. I don't mean, say over the course of its season in the veggie garden, but instead referring to each plant. I remember going out and picking green beans one Saturday and getting fifteen pods per plant! A mother load by my standards. And they kept producing after that picking!

So, just before cold weather set in last year, I decided to pick a few green beans and let them dry whole for another year of a bumper crop of beans and of course completely forgot about sticking them in the paper bag. Out of sight (in the garage), out of mind (on to the next household project). Finding them was great though and it couldn't have come at a better time because I just harvested my red potatoes, leaving two rows of nothingness.

Shelled "green" beans ready for planting.

This Sunday I will be planting the dried white beans to see if the most telling aspect of this plan works – a sprout emerging from the soil in about a week's time! Stay tuned ...

Addendum: Of the 30 or so seeds planted, only one came up! I supplemented the rows with the "Kentucky Wonder" variety and they are coming up beautifully in the late growing season. I hope to have green beans by the end of September.


Wade Kwon said...

Amazing. I can barely harvest fresh vegetables from the supermarket, much less any garden.

You manage to find them in the garage without trying.

Jeff Branch said...

Jane - keep up the posts on vegetables, I'm becoming more interested in them.

Amy L said...

You are the earth woman! Good luck with the plants.