Sunday, April 12, 2009

My new gardening toy

I have been wanting one of these for years. A rain collection devise that will prevent unwanted water from draining into a low area of our backyard and will also provide water for my hydrangeas and other plants in the far reaches back there. I feel as though I am killing two birds with one stone. When we had our garage roof and new gutters put on about four years ago the guys put the downspout on the back which allows water to drain into what has become a persistently wet area. Had the guys placed the downspout in the front of the garage, the water would have most likely drained down the driveway away into the city sewer system. I'm sure they had their reasoning for doing what they did. However, I can't wait to see if my new rain barrel which holds 50 gallons of water will help prevent the usually muddy area turn into a drier area. I am also pretty excited about having a water source in the back and not having to lug the hose back there during dry times.

I considered getting one of the more typical rain barrels but decided on the terra cotta look which actually has a pot area on top that I plan on planting some shade loving plants in. This model seems a bit more attractive than the alternative industrial look. It is currently more than half full after the steady morning and afternoon rain from yesterday. When full, there is a small drain at the top back for overflow.

I can't wait to use this. I routinely do lots of watering during the spring and summer months and I am hoping this saves me a little bit of money and lots of frustration!


jbranch said...

Cool - I have thought about collecting rain water due to the large watering area we have. Pretty neat. Keep us posted on your experience with it. Have a great Easter!

Amy L said...

Jane, that is so cool! I've never seen one like that. It will look great with the plants in it.

Anonymous said...

I love your pot Jane!


Robin said...

I'm excited to have stumbled upon your blog. I'm also in Maplewood and we are starting a garden for the first time. I have no idea what I'm doing, so any tips are great!