Sunday, January 25, 2009

A morning of quilting

I am a quilter. The quilting I do is sewn by hand and very time consuming but the end results are priceless as they say. I have finished a couple. The last one, I worked on for five years and it is my pride and joy. It is made of Levi jean denim and muslin and filled with a microfiber. The current quilt I am working on is taking me about the same amount of years to finish. I work off and on on these between other projects I have going around the house. However, I am getting to the point where I can see the thing being done and it does motivate me to work more frequently. After completing the center portion I will have to quilt the border then bind it with some sort of complimentary piping.

This morning I decided to get out my recently cleaned sewing basket and my quilting material which includes a wooden hoop, 100% cotton white thread and embroidery thread. I am actually tieing this quilt top (completed by someone else) and involves using three strands of embroidery thread and a single strand of cotton thread. I bought this quilt top at a yard sale years ago that my boss at the Birmingham Post-Herald was having. He sold it to me for $7! It is very folksy in nature and its colors are rustic hues of red, white and blue.

Whenever I am sewing, Scout is usually close by. That was the case this morning. She is so curious as to what I am doing with whatever I pull out of the sewing basket. I've learned that turning my back on her is a cue for her to do something very mischievous. She loves to jump into the sewing basket or plop herself down in the exact spot that I am returning to after threading a needle. I am including evidence of this. I put up with almost two hours of Scout having a field day while I was quilting. It was lots of fun actually.


Amy L said...

I love your photography...the quilt is beautiful and Scout is hilarious!

jbranch said...

Good stuff. Pets are wonderful. I told Jana this morning about how much I enjoyed Lexi. I love small animals. Your quilt looks great. Be sure to update us.

Jane Bell said...

Amy ... the photos were taken on my iPhone because it was handy. The challenge was to get at an angle where the subject was well lit seeing that I had no flash. Did some adjusting in Photoshop. Not a lot of high contrast or lighting range in the shots. I relied pretty heavily on composition. Can ya relate?

quilting forum said...

I love your pics. It is amazing.